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Now Open Near Array at West Alex: For Five Coffee Roasters

June 17th, 2020

You may already have a favorite go-to coffee shop in the neighborhood, but regulars at For Five Coffee Roasters say this newly opened coffee house is definitely worth a visit. Aesthetically, the shop provides a trendy and modern space to sit down and enjoy a cup of joe, thanks to bright blue walls, patterned black and white floor tile, and sculptural tables and chairs. The shop touts itself as a third-wave coffee shop dedicated to single-origin beans, pour-over coffee, and plenty of workspace with USB outlets. 

Yelp reviewers note that the shop provides quick and convenient service for grab-and-go coffee in the morning, but also that the kitchen’s food offerings go way beyond the pastries and fruit you’ll find at most coffee shops. If you’ve got time to sit down and enjoy a meal, you’ll be able to choose from acai and oatmeal bowls, Greek spanakopita, gourmet sandwiches, and more. 


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