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Connect With Local History at Alexandria History Museum at The Lyceum

November 10th, 2020

When you live so close to many of the world’s best museums in DC, why visit the Alexandria History Museum at The Lyceum? It’s a local piece of history, and practically a rite of passage for any Alexandria native. The museum is nestled right in the heart of the Historical District, and was established over 180 years ago to improve public education of the community. In past decades, the site was home to various cultural institutions, from a Civil War hospital ward to a Chamber of Commerce. Today, the Alexandria History Museum at The Lyceum comprises multiple floors of rotating exhibits and programs. While the large national museums in DC focus on broad categories and national subjects, the Alexandria History Museum at The Lyceum takes a deep dive into your city, and its important place in American history. 

In accordance with the governor’s orders, the museum is currently open Friday through Sunday with limited hours, and only allows visitors at 25% capacity. The restrictions allow a more personal way to view the exhibits and learn about your great city.


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